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Every successful business has a good set of high-quality signage products spread around the office or building. The best-designed signage products assure that a business has a steady stream of customers, that its brand is effectively established, and that information is communicated efficiently. Los Angeles Signs & Wraps is a leading Los Angeles, CA signage company that can help you get the top-tier signage for any type of business.

Los Angeles Sign Company outdoor signage 9 300x200We are a team of signage experts, designers, and engineers with extensive experience handling various signage projects for several establishments. We study each client that we work with, so we know how to create and design the set of signs that can help in boosting their business.

Any type of signage can be produced in our facilities, from indoor signs that tell people where to go or where to look to outdoor signs that establish a business’s brand in a local community or attract people into a store. We deliver all our services professionally without going over the budget of our clients or missing the agreed-upon deadlines.

Los Angeles Signs & Wraps is a Los Angeles sign company you can trust. We are dedicated to giving only the best signage products that can produce the best possible results according to each of our client’s business goals. We are here to help you boost your advertising, attract your customers, establish your brand, beautify your interior, or any other purpose you want for your signage.

Call Los Angeles Signs & Wraps today at (213) 652-6214 for your Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Sign & Graphics expert!

Signs That Work for You

At Los Angeles Signs & Wraps, we don’t just provide generic signs that have your company name or logo on them. We make sure that each signage product we design and create is accurate to your business goals.

Los Angeles Sign Company vinyl signages 1 300x200Whether you want them to be extremely visible or informative, we are here to find the best ways to pull off your vision.

We thoroughly study our client’s business to make sure we create the best signage products that match your needs. We conduct consultations and on-site inspections to get all the information we need, such as the location, target market, business goals, branding guidelines, and budget. After analyzing everything, we will brainstorm with you about the best signage solutions we can take.

Here are some of the vital questions that we ask our clients:

1. Are the signage to be used indoors or outdoors?
2. Where is the business building located?
3. What is the locality like?
4. Is your building close to other businesses or competitors?
5. For outdoor signage, how is the weather in your area?
6. Who is your target audience?
7. How much is your budget?

The Right Signage for Your Business

Los Angeles Sign Company outdoor signage 10 300x201

Customization is a specialty at Los Angeles Signs & Wraps. We have the full set of equipment and facilities to carry out any customization that our clients require for their signage. Whatever color scheme, texture, material, or dimensions you want for your signs, we can apply them to match the brand and look you aim to pull off.

We understand that if we just offer signs that have worked in the past, they may not ensure success. That’s why we put great importance on the consultation part of our projects. This is the portion where we take in absolutely everything we need to know about the business of our clients.

There are certain designs and specifications that will work well for a lively business type, such as a restaurant or a club but not for a formal establishment like a school or a hospital. There are many various ways to create a sign and many different variations to choose from. And each business that exists has a unique set of personalities, branding characteristics, and goals. So in order to effectively represent all these things with the perfect signage products, we always take the time to know and understand our clients well.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Los Angeles Sign Company outdoor signage 5 300x200

One of the best ways to ensure that your customers keep increasing in number and keep coming back to your business is to establish a good storefront look with high-quality signage. These signs must be eye-catching to grab the attention of the public and durable enough to last long outside.

Any outdoor signage that you need can be created and designed by Los Angeles Signs & Wraps. Just show us your branding guidelines and tell us your creative vision for your exterior, and we’ll recommend, design, and create the best signage for you according to your budget and schedule. We will find out the best dimensions of each panel sign that you need or the color scheme of your digital and illuminated signs. Our main goal here is to increase your customer traffic and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Los Angeles Sign Company wall office lobby dimensional letters indoor client 300x250

Once we’ve polished your exterior, we also need to ensure that your interior has the same visual quality so your customers and clients have a better experience with your business.

Promotional indoor signs work great for retail and food businesses. Signs like menu boards and point-of-purchase signs highlight certain areas and spots, helping customers know where to look. On the other hand, signage that shows exits, entrances, and directories are very helpful in corporate offices, schools, and other professional establishments.

The best thing that interior signage can do to your business is to improve your customers’ experience. With directional signage that helps people navigate their way around an area or point-of-purchase signs that attract eyes toward special products, your clients will know how to interact with your products and services more effectively.

Custom Signs

Los Angeles Sign Company custom signage 1 300x200

No high-achieving business wants generic signs.

If you want to truly stand out from your competition or your locality, customizing signs according to your business’s unique traits and qualities is the way to go.

Los Angeles Signs & Wraps has the complete set of printing facilities, designing equipment, and signage experts to create even the most customized signage products that you can think of.

Just tell us your creative vision, and we will bring it to life. As your signage specialists, we can recommend the best solutions to achieve the uniqueness of the signs that you deserve.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

At Los Angeles Signs & Wraps, we are as dedicated to improving the businesses of our clients as they are. We know that we are the best Los Angeles sign company for you because we know how much effort and passion we put into every project that we handle. We want each of our clients to get the best that they can from the signage industry.

Los Angeles Sign Company tools

Los Angeles Sign Company monument channel letters custom outdoor client scaled 1 298x300We are a company composed of signage specialists that are fully capable of conducting every service required by our clients, from signage design and manufacturing to repairs and installations.

No matter how many, complex, large-scale, or customized you want your signage to be, we can deliver right on time and on budget.

With Los Angeles Signs & Wraps, you get the highest quality of products handled by top-notch professionals, all for the best prices in the market.

In the end, we want you to be fully satisfied with the final products of our project. So let us know exactly what you want, and we’ll provide it for you in no time.

Our Commitment to You

Los Angeles Sign Company Axe signs logo black 300x149

Los Angeles Signs & Wraps promises a smooth and efficient process for all our signage production projects. Everything you need from the signage industry can be provided fast and flawlessly for the best prices.

We are here for you from the beginning of it all when the ideas are still raw, and the motivation is still fresh. We will help you come up with the most effective possible combinations of specifications for your signs. Our designing, manufacturing, and installation teams are ready to provide their top-quality services to ensure high-quality products reach your business at their peak conditions.

Let Los Angeles Signs & Wraps be your Los Angeles sign company today and get ready to achieve a new level of success for your business!

Call Los Angeles Signs & Wraps today at (213) 652-6214 for your Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Sign & Graphics expert!

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